How To Be The Best Host For The Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for some, especially those that must travel and stay with family. We’ve gathered some tips on how to make your guests feel the most welcome during what is supposed to be the most special time of year. If you have one or more guest rooms available for your arriving family here are some must haves to make their experience unforgettable.

-Chargers, Chargers & More Chargers: Truly the most inconvenient thing someone forgets when travelling is their phone charger, but it ALWAYS happens, so be prepared. This will take the stress out of asking to take turns using someone else’s and make your guest feel taken care of.

-Snacks: Keep small packaged snacks in their room and some bottled water so after their long day of travelling they don’t have to constantly come into the kitchen when they would rather be resting. Think individually packaged bags of chips, nuts, pretzels or popcorn. You could always throw in a few candy bars too, because well, it’s the holidays and calories don’t count!

-Toiletries: Don’t you love when you go to a hotel, they already have shampoo, soaps & toothpaste already there for you? Well, so do guests who stay in your home. Keep your shower stocked with a natural body wash that could work for men & women as well as a simple shampoo & conditioner that can do the same. Keep your vanity or linen closet filled with a few extra toothbrushes, ( you know the person that used it the morning they left for travel and forgot it laying there on the sink, i.e. ME) some travel size toothpastes, cotton pads or balls, Q-Tips and some sensitive skin face wash that can work for most skin types. It’s also convenient to keep a small bottle of Advil, Tylenol, Tums and lotion in this essentials kit as well.

-Bathroom Essentials: Now this would seem to be the same as the above category, and they do somewhat overlap, but here are a few differences. These are the items that make your bathroom experience as a guest a lot less embarrassing. Keep multiple rolls of toilet paper close by as well as a plunger, Poopouri spray and a wastebasket. Something you might not think about for your guest bathroom, but it alleviates awkwardness on all accounts. Also make sure there are extra towels & washcloths in the linen closet or under the sink. You don’t want your guests finishing their shower only the find there are no more towels and only a small washcloth to cover up with (cue the scene from The Proposal where Sandra Bullock comes running out & into Ryan Reynolds looking for a towel, yikes!).

-Internet: Keep your Wi-Fi password on the dresser or nightstand of the guest room so that your guests don’t have to keep asking for it.

-Keep Them Warm: Keep extra blankets in the closet or dresser for people who want to wrap up at night or snuggle on top of the covers for a nap!

I assure you if these things are done, your guests will RAVE about their experience and it will truly feel hotel-like. BEWARE though, your guests may never want to leave, so Host at Your Own Risk!