Four At Home Activities For Kiddos

Before your kiddos pull up a chair and get back to schoolwork, get creative and have fun with items you can find lying around the house. At Embridge Homes unique floorplans and outstanding community amenities allow your kids to make the most of these late summer days. Read on for creative ideas to inspire your little ones.

Salt Dough
Create something beautiful by helping your kids dig their fingers into ooey-gooey salt dough. With nothing more than water, salt, and flour, you’ll be able to mix a moldable dough that can be transformed into shapes by hand or with a cookie cutter. By adding a dash of food coloring, kids can create multi-colored figurines. Consider poking a hole in their favorite flat shapes to create a necklace or tree ornament! To preserve and paint the final products, bake their flat pieces in the oven at 120 degrees for 3.5 hours — afterwards, they’ll have fun painting and stringing them up around the house.


Cardboard Boxes
In the backyard, help your little ones build a metropolis with cardboard boxes. Easily crafted into everything from spaceships to fire trucks, you and your family will have a blast cutting, taping, gluing, and decorating their favorite vehicles. Let your kiddos’ imagination run wild by building doll house, a kids-only clubhouse, or a replica of your neighborhood. Use construction paper, ribbon, markers, and more to bring their creations to life. Upcycle old CDs and paper products to add essential details that make their boxes pop.


Putt Like A Pro
Go for the gold with a handmade paper putt-putt course! Using an empty, clean tin can or plastic container as your target, take your best shot at a hole-in-one. Design your course using string, construction paper, or other containers to represent the fairway, sand traps, and water hazards. Create your own flagsticks and practice your stroke inside your Embridge Home or around the backyard. No putter? No problem — use your feet to tap around the course and challenge each other for the family championship. When your round is complete, store your golf balls in empty egg cartons for easy cleanup.

Take It Outside
Keep fit and stay healthy without hitting the gym. At home, help your kids create their own free weights using recycled milk jugs filled with water. You’ll be able to adjust the weight to be sure your kiddos are lifting safely and avoiding injury. To get their heart rates up, use spare plastic bags to construct a durable and environmentally-friendly jump rope. Your kiddos can learn how to assemble their own rope and customize it to their unique style. While you’re upcycling materials around the house, stuff fluffy pillows inside an oversized t-shirt for your kiddos to wrestle sumo style. For safety, pop bike helmets on their noggins to protect against painful collisions during their match. Take it outside to make the most of their tumbling, rolling, and rabble-rousing. At night, use your spacious backyard — or meet the neighbors at the park — for a game of flashlight tag. Your kiddos will love playing with each other while remaining socially distant!


No matter what you do at home, Embridge Homes offers gorgeous new floorplans from to help you and your family have fun with household items. Lovely great rooms, sprawling kitchens, and lush backyards await your kids’ creativity. Contact us to find your new home, and share photos of your favorite projects with us on Instagram.