Five Popular Design Styles & How To Identify Yours

One of the most exciting questions to answer when buying a house is, how are you going to decorate it? If you know the answer to that question, then you are ahead of the game. If not, how do you know which style to incorporate? Well, I’m here to help! There are a multitude of design styles, but I’ve categorized some of the five most popular ones to help you out.  

The Tried & True Traditional


The basis of the Traditional style of design is rooted in its historical European presence, with classic art pieces, antiques and a combination of rich and neutral colors. Typically, you will see ornate woodwork, either in the furniture pieces themselves, or in trim work along the walls (i.e. crown molding, tray or coffered ceilings, or wood paneling). Dark woods and warm colors are often used in this style of design, along with the occasional floral pattern or a textured wall paper (which is making a drastic comeback in all areas of design right now). If this is you, you cannot go wrong; Traditional style will always be “in”, with its sophisticated elegance.  

The Always Evolving Contemporary  


Some may get this style confused with modern, but in actuality it is a design style all on its own. Contemporary shares elements of modern design, such as simplicity of style and clutter, but this design emotes calm rather than cold. It allows for an open space with clean lines and neutral colors, that can be accompanied with pops of colors, which can easily be changed out over the years. It is a mix of textures, metals and bold scales (like these GORGEOUS doors in the picture above), to keep this design style interesting. The best part about this style; whatever is the current design trend is considered contemporary, which always keeps you on the inside! 

All Hail Joanna Gaines: The Farmhouse Style


We couldn’t do a blog post on design without mentioning the current Queen herself, Joanna Gaines. She has taken the idea of Farmhouse style and turned it into its own brand. Farmhouse combines elements of French Country and Shabby Chic design to give it its unique flair. Taking from the French Country are the natural elements; exposed wood & beams, textured brick walls or fireplaces and weathered stone. Shabby Chic lends its hand in the “lived in” features of the Farmhouse design; soft colors, a mix of old and new and a touch of femininity. Farmhouse style is without a doubt a trend at the moment (and rightfully so), and I don’t see it going anywhere soon! 

Take Me Back in Time: Mid-Century Modern 

The Mid-Century Modern style is one that seems to consistently make a comeback, and rightfully so since its rooted in nostalgia. Taking shape in the 1930s, it takes a minimalist approach with clean lines, uncluttered décor and ornamentation, and organic and geometric forms. Materials are what make this design style stand out with its use of warm mid toned woods, metals, glasses and stone. It's also rare in its approach to colors, where it can go from a design of all neutrals to one with bold colors and graphic prints. Mid-Century Modern is a style of clean and functional design that will not steer you wrong. 

But Make It Glam, Hollywood Glam 

Looking for a design with tons of glitz, glam and a high-end feel? Hollywood Glam it is! It encompasses everything “grown up” with high sophistication and a lot of color and fun. Hollywood Glam or Hollywood Regency combines a concise semi-neutral color pallet with a dose of vibrant color and high polish surfaces like mirrors, polished marble and crystal. Furnishings are traditional in shape, but modern in style. This design gives you a timeless mix of era, styles and movements with an emphasis on luxury, that is hard to pass up! 


Any of these styles are sure to make your new home one to remember! We at Embassy & Embridge Homes cannot wait to help you make this dream become a reality! 


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